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Topic: Mathematics Tutoring in Winchester, VA

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Mathematics Tutoring in Winchester, VA


Homeschooling Online Instruction Course

Personalized Learning provides the following: Comprehensive- includes all K-12 grades and core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History + Courses to prepare for College entrance exams. Student Success - Educational videos and resources are provided to satisfy students' different learning styles. The text satisfies the needs of ELL students. Assessment/Review Exam for each subject provides a list of lessons that students need to study based on their incorrect answers. Records of Scores are provided to show each student's progress. Also a list of students who need to learn each standard is provided. Editing software allows Teachers to easily edit content to meet their needs. Training of teachers on how to increase success of students.

15 day FREE TRIAL- no credit card is required.

Assessment/Review Exam for each subject and grade level. eTAP A/R Exam may be used as a placement or review test and to prepare students for end of term exams and standardized tests.

After completing the A/R Exam, student will know which lessons they need to study to complete their understanding and increase their Success. To access the Assessment /Review Exam, select a grade level and a subject. Next select Assessment/Review Exam located at the top of page.

After completing the A/R Exam click on Submit Answers at the end of test. Below, students will see a list of lessons in red that they need to study, based on their wrong answers. Students can click on red lesson and they will go to the lesson instruction. After the student has completed studying each lesson they can retake the A/R Exam and receive a higher test score. After students have completed studying a red lesson, they can return to the list of lessons shown above by clicking on back button at top left or by clicking on the Scores button at the top center of page. Next, click on Exams located at upper right side of page. Next, click on View at the right side of the page for their last exam date. Then they will see the list of red lessons to study.

Homeschooling Curriculum
Independent Study Content
K-12 Standardized Test Prep
GED Certification Review
SAT & ACT Test Readiness

Tutoring & Homework Help
Classroom Remediation & Support
After School Programs
Lesson Planning Assistance
Preschool & Daycare Learning

Hometown Learning Centers

Consistent Improvement in a Convenient and Safe Environment

At Hometown Learning Centers, we are passionate about fostering confidence, critical thinking, the desire to learn and the academic stamina needed for success! Dedicated to understanding each student as an individual, we offer a personalized tutoring experience to build confidence and knowledge.

If you are interested in our services for your son or daughter, please give us a call today at 540-504-7040 or stop by in person at 2172 S. Pleasant Valley Rd. in the Apple Blossom Corners Shopping Center.

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